4 Jaw-Dropping Digital Immersive Technologies Used by Stage Design Companies for Special Events

Special events have a powerful impact on a brand’s product launch; if the show is a hit the product will resonate in the minds of consumers as being an innovative “must have” item. If the show is bland and vanila, then the likelihood viewers will regard the brand and product as something to yawn at is probable. This is why corporations invest so heavily with stage lighting design companies that offer 3D mapping and other digitally immersive experiences; when you blow the audience’s mind, you win their business. Here are four artistic digital immersive experiences that stage design companies produce for special events.

3D Mapping for Special Events

3D mapping is a popular form of stage design technology used in branded special events, theatre, rock concerts, and a number of other venues. Also known as video mapping and 3D projection mapping, it uses projection equipment with spatial augmented reality to transform objects with irregular shapes into things that seem to be alive. When these objects come to life they play pivotal roles into the special event production or in its design elements. For example, an industrial landscape or some large boulders behind a stage can be used as a projection surface to engage with the stage production by blending its theatrics into the events theme. When special event coordinators hire companies to plan a 3D mapping strategy, a branded product release is destined to be unforgettable.

Experiential Installations

Experimental installations are essential for meeting and exceeding the demands for high-powered technology in special events. These require the design and construction of flawless living systems existing within genomic and post-genomic environments. Often, significant research is required to execute the fundamentals . Stage design companies for special events that offer digital immersive experiences will use experimental installations with platforms using cutting-edge equipment to create artistic feats like projection domes.
Virtual Reality for Branded Special Events
If you really want to stun your audience in a digitally driven immersive experience they will never forget, virtual reality is a technology worth having a consultation with a stage design company over. Also known VR (for short) and augmented reality, this technology is made possible by a scenario that is computer generated designed to simulate an experience through perception and the senses. This can be an immersive environment similar to the real world or one designed based on total fantasy creating an experience not possible in physical reality. Virtual reality systems may also layer virtual information over a live camera feed into headsets, smartphones or tablets giving the user the ability to view and engage within three-dimensional images.
Most augmented reality commonly uses VR headsets or multi-projection environments. Professional stage design companies that specialize in digital immersive experiences also use physical environments or props in relation to generate realistic images, sounds and various sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence and awareness in a virtual or environment. Sila Sveta used virtual reality when commissioned by the auto company Audi to unveil the Q7 where VR glasses were worn by participants in a common virtual space to experience the Audi design in a virtual world.

What are Sound Design & ADR Services, How do They Bring Movies to Life?

Think about your favorite movie. Chances are, sound design was a big part of one of it’s most iconic scenes that made that film what it was. Perfect example: Psycho. When Alfred Hitchcock has test audiences watch Psycho for the first time, the film was met with poor reviews. But after having a sound design experts add the music to the shower scene and make some other adjustments, audiences applauded were terrified and applauded the film. This is why post production coordinators look for the best sound design and ADR services in Los Angeles; they understand that solid ADR and sound design can make or break a film.

What is Sound Design?

Sound design is the art and science of creating soundtracks for a variety of projects. It involves using audio production techniques to create auditory elements. Sound design also involves sourcing the right music to use in films. But sound design isn’t just limited to movies; It is employed in a variety of disciplines including television production, video game development, advertising, theatre, live performances, radio, and other disciplines. Sound design can also involve the performing and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, such as dialogue or sound effects.

What is ADR in Filmmaking?

ADR stands for automated dialog replacement and is the process of re-recording dialogue by original actors after the filming is concluded to improve the quality of the audio. This is also known as looping and is a common service post production supervisors seek in to finalize recorded projects.

Looping takes place when actors are recorded while speaking in synch to “loop” an image played time and time again to match lengths of recorded tape. ADR is a time-consuming, detailed task that takes seasoned professionals to execute without flaw. It is also work for the actor who must watch the image over and over while listening to the original production using headphones. Then the actor re-performs the dialogue to match the wording and movements of the lips. The biggest challenge is to achieve sync while projecting the recaptured emotional tone for each scene. This is a skill that actors often struggle to nail down, and some are better at it than others.

ADR Studios are a Must for Big Budget Films

All big budget films require the best ADR studios in Los Angeles to help complete the movie at the highest level. This is because it is impossible to get a clean sounch in perfect sync with the actor’s lips due to the fact that several hundred people are working around the set. Also, independent films value greatly form ADR services because, often, they have no control over shooting locations where unwanted background noises can plague a film’s production.

The best ADR studios in LA also offer sound design, animated dialogue recording, mixing and a number of other services paramount to making movies and tv episodes look and sound their best. Without these services today’s movies would sound like they were made in the 30s and their look would mimic those horrible Bruce Lee English dubbed jobs that were so poorly out of synch that it became (and still is) a long-running joke in popular culture.

Who Should Start a Food Truck Business?

Food truck businesses are extremely popular, and their popularity is only growing. According to multiple data sources, the food truck industry is one of the largest growing small businesses garnering owners a gross average of $300K per year.

It goes without saying that entrepreneurs have some standard, similar goals: make money, make a difference, and have fun doing it. The food truck business is ideal for people who have these goals because the start-up costs are significantly smaller than those required to start a brick and mortar restaurant, and there is less red tape to navigate with legal and licensing. In fact, your biggest expense will be the food truck itself. After this, all you need are supplies and the cost of licensing and permits, which are low. Just be sure to invest in a new custom food truck build or refurbishment, otherwise you may run into some costly repairs that halt your ability to make money while racking up thousands in mechanical fees. New food truck refurbishments or builds ensure you have a high-quality platform for running your business with only routine maintenance required. Therefore, putting a little more up front will actually save you more money in the long run.

Food Trucks Are Ideal for Retirees

Some of the most successful food trucks from the Bay Area in California to Miami are owned and operated by retired people. This is an ideal business model for retired people because it offers them flexibility to work when they want to, allowing time for vacations and family activities. Some of the most popular food trucks run by seniors offer old family recipes that offer a little taste of love and warmth in every bite. This is the type of home-cooking that most members of younger generations missed growing up with.

College Students Can Pay Off Their Tuition With A Food Truck

One of the largest food truck consumer groups are college students. Think about it: college students have schedules that are all over the place, and if they try to maintain a social life in between studying, their eating habits become sporadic. If you are a college student who came into some money and you are looking for a good investment, why not start a food truck business and serve this huge buyer group you live with? You can set up shop on evenings and study for your political science exam in between serving up bowls of your famous ramen to famished students at 10PM. Just make sure you look into permitting regulations.

Start a Family Business Food Truck

Do you come from a beautiful culture with amazing cuisine that you and relatives cook at home? Why not pool in your resources and invest in a food truck for a family business? This way you can share the amazing tastes that come from your culture with others in your city. Food trucks are great for family businesses because when you are ready to retire you can easily pass the truck down to your children to continue your proud tradition.

The Marketing behind the labeling of the products

When we walk through a supermarket, store or grocery store, among others, at all times we receive a large amount of information. One part is disclosure of the product or service and in another case are commercial or marketing actions to encourage purchases. In the case of the first option is useful information, of interest for our security or for our convenience. This type of information is stipulated in the legislation and perfectly defined like the information that your dentist in Tijuana gives you about the health of your teeth.

To these labeling obligations, we can find another series of brands and labels to which companies can adhere voluntarily, to transmit us useful information and above all to give us security about their behavior in environmental matters, in social action issues or of product quality safety.

This type of labels come from certifications usually called third-party certifications, that is to say, that a non-company organism reviews and audits that complies with the standards of the chosen label.

At European level there are recognized standards such as Ecolabel or eco-label. The flower indicates the level of protection that the product and its protection has acquired in its preparation.

In the case of EMAs, the brand identifies companies and organizations that take measures to minimize the effect on the environment. Other brands of Galician origin that can be found in the stores is the Galicia Calidade brand of brands of Galician origin, or the CRAEGA certification.

Under this premise the labels must give a series of specific information such as the origin of production, company name, physical location, and means of contact. In addition, the composition must appear explaining materials of origin, and specific levels of purity, richness, quality, efficacy or safety. The label must determine the recommended term for its use or consumption, in case of expiration.

Another factor of interest is the obligation to reflect the net content of the product to know the fractions or the number of units where appropriate. And a key factor is the section of instructions for use, safety warnings or management advice or maintenance. It is also essential to identify the batch of manufacturing origin.

To these labeling obligations, we can find another series of brands and labels to which companies can adhere voluntarily, to transmit us useful information and above all to give us security about their behavior in environmental matters, in social action issues or of product quality safety.


The business of love

The key to the success of this industry is that it has been able to capitalize in a tangible way the problem of busy schedules and lifestyles of modern man. If the old scene required you to meet in person all those who called your attention, now you can select, talk and coordinate appointments while you drink your morning coffee or while you are waiting for your dentist in Tijuana. Without losing much time, without pretending boring conversations to entertain the meetings.

What they do have this type of platforms in a very clear niche: the affective and sexual needs of users, who use as the engine of a multimillion dollar business that last year alone in the United States billed approximately four billion dollars. Dating pages and linking apps are offered as intermediaries to bring together two people who seek to meet new people and expand their chances of finding an emotional partner.

The role of online marketing in this millionaire business has been key to its expansion. That belief that those who resorted to the web to find a partner were the desperate is a matter of the past, because nowadays there are more and more men and women who join the application on duty or register on contact websites with In order to make appointments and meet people compatible with them.

This has been just his greatest success. To achieve positioning dating pages as something cool, modern, fresh, instead of continuing to associate it with the profile of a lonely person with social problems. And this has allowed its expansion as it would not have been possible before. Applications such as Tinder or Badoo are frequent topics in movies and television series, where they are presented as one more element of the 21st century forms of interaction.

With this new, current and booming revolution, it is clear that those who find girls in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Beijing can find them with just a couple of clicks and in freemium mode: if you like the platform and it gives you results, you can pay a certain price to use all the tools it offers; otherwise, you can use the free version as a test measure.

The truth is that the role of marketing has been decisive in the success of this industry and continues to contribute to its expansion, since it has been able to detect the needs of users and capitalize them by mixing classic strategies with the rules of online business. In the United States alone, the most recent statistics show that at least 49 million people have tried online dating once in their lives, spending an average of 243 dollars a year for related services.

The woman performs 80% of online purchases from home

The 80% of online purchases within households are made by women, and 59.8% of commercial transactions in the network correspond to them, while 40.2% are attributed to men. Today woman buy everything online from self care products to home decor, they can even buy a nice house near the beach online with baja rosarito realty without problem.

The female presence in digital fairs
Two of the most important fairs in Spain and all of southern Europe on commerce and digital marketing, OMExpo and in Retail, “Shop, the future of retail” are run by a woman. Her name is Laura Davila, she runs a 100% female team and her business group has a female staff of 80%, and affirms that “women are playing a key role in the digital transformation and in the field of commerce and marketing. on-line”.

The purchases of them and them
The incorporation of women in the labor market and the increase in their purchasing power has a direct impact on their reflection on the digital economy, since they buy 78% in the fashion sector and 64.3% in the beauty sector, according to the source . Fruzzel’s account manager, Marc Curto, comments: “Changes are taking place in this area and the number of men who buy beauty or personal care products increases day by day”.

Men “buy more than women by smartphones”
The most direct ways to buy seem to work better in the male world and sales strategies such as e-mail marketing are the most used by them. However, women are more attracted to content marketing, influencers and social networks. Even within social networks there are also diverse preferences, preferring men to use more Twitter, Spotify, Line and Tinder, and women Facebook and Instagram, according to the aforementioned sources.

Business opening will be delayed in Tijuana

Tijuana merchants sued before the municipal authorities the elimination of land use procedures and others that are unnecessary when creating and maintaining a business, considering them as inhibitors for the commercial development of the city.

In order to move forward with regard to regulatory improvement, it is important that authorities and businessmen analyze in depth what paperwork should be be eliminated and what not.

This dynamic, he said, has been implementing the present municipal administration and expressed all the availability of the merchants to continue working in this way.

“It is important that those who carry out the procedures can sit down -with the authorities- and be able to take our proposals; that today, is what we are doing, and therefore the need for this to be in regulation, that is why the need to create the Municipal Council for Regulatory Improvement that will have to be acting permanently, “said.

He warned of the importance of having certainty about the requirements that are required for the different procedures that are carried out before the municipal government, for which it is necessary to generate a local registry of procedures and the next step would be to work in the response times.


The Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana, said that the municipal authority is open to working closely with business organizations, in order to publicize the strategies they are promoting to expedite the procedures for opening businesses and be more transparent

He reported that they have defined five pillars to improve competitiveness in Tijuana, highlighting the impetus to the Immediate Notice of Companies, a program where companies can open their business immediately and giving them a period of 90 days to complete the procedures they require to do so.

The official indicated that it has the Fast Opening System for Companies online, a program in which businesses can be opened in a period of 72 hours, which includes a total of 141 low-impact tours.

Among the advances in regulatory matters, if you want good service at Dental implants in tijuana during this year the cost and time for businesses in procedures was reduced, such as land use permits, firemen’s permits, environmental protection consent, operating permit and square meters ad attached to the front of the business.

The indicated mentality to achieve financial freedom

Every time there is talk of financial freedom, people think by default that it is something difficult to achieve, they feel that this financial independence is made for only a few.

In this first part, we want to talk to you about tips to develop the indicated mentality to achieve your financial freedom, since, like any objective in life, this begins with the positive thoughts that will lead you to work for your goals.

That is why, the financial freedom that you dream so much, requires that you change some habits, modify your relationship with money and develop an action plan to achieve it.

  1. It has never been easier:

Money is an inexhaustible resource, that is, the fact that your millionaire neighbor every day has more money does not mean that there is less money available for you.

Today, globalization and different methods of monetization allow you to make quick money quickly and achieve your financial freedom.

  1. You have the potential millionaire:

If you stop wasting time on excuses you can dedicate yourself to work and strive to generate new income. Excuses are limiting that you put yourself not to do something that scares you.

Think that the other millionaires did not have anything different from you when they started, they also felt panic, but decided to learn how to get out of the comfort zone and made risky decisions.

  1. Presuming will not make you rich:

Spending your first check buying an expensive watch will not make you richer, getting into debt to buy a luxurious car will not help you either.

If you really want to achieve your financial freedom, you must learn how to get out of debt, and make the decision to invest instead of pretending. The first option will give you more chances to be a millionaire.

  1. Establish a clear objective:

Wanting to be a millionaire is a very ambiguous goal. Rather, it establishes an objective that is clear, achievable in time and, of course, measurable.

  1. There are no magic formulas:

Do not believe in the ideas that will make you rich overnight, they do not exist and if someone offers it to you in exchange for money, you will be falling into the trap of easy money. Nothing better than hard work and well done, and more when you are going to decide who will carry out your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.


Fairs are the best marketing tool for a company

Are the events that attract the most public.

What should a fairground offer?

– Adequate facilities to host events of all kinds. It is also important to have a professional team trained and experienced in the organization and management of events. Finally, a fairground must offer good communications to be accessible, because we work for people to come to our activities.

Why organize a fair?

– Fairs are perhaps the best business marketing tool. You get in a limited time and in a specific place to attract potential clients. You generate a series of possibilities that no other tool offers you.

How do you get a good deal with organizers from such different backgrounds?

– All the fairs have the same thread. The organizers are concerned about attracting people and that the facilities are ready for the event. Although the theme is different, the objectives are almost always the same. We must face insecurities. Over time you find a way to communicate with the client within each of the contexts.

What are the biggest concerns of these organizers?

– All events are live. Once the door is opened, there is no turning back. Everyone is concerned that the activity runs through good channels and that if there are contingencies are resolved.

How is this question dealt with?

– You must have a detailed plan to reach the objectives and cover any type of contingency. We have a team prepared to respond to unforeseen events.

What is the complicated part?

– The events happen at any time, during the whole week and hour, regardless of the holidays. This involves a full dedication and often there are long periods in which I have to work often.

What qualities should a project have to be viable?

– A business has to be, logically, in line with the market to which it is addressed. This is a basic requirement for it to work. Then, it must offer its own style or differential, in such a way that if we mix it with other projects, it stands out and has its mark.

And if I am a dentist, what options are there for me?

You can be creative and organize teaching activities in order to show your work in a fun way and extend your dental work in Tijuana Mexico.


CDT provides strategic information to attract investments to Tijuana

The Development Council of Tijuana (CDT), through the Metropolitan Center for Economic and Business Information (CEMDI), presented the results of the Citizen Economic Perception Survey, which highlights the improvement of the perspective of the situation in the home , according to 69% of the Tijuana residents for the year 2018, as well as the improvement in the outlook regarding the economic situation of the city according to 58% of those consulted

During the weekly press conference of the CDT, chaired by Mr. Gabriel Camarena Salinas, CEMDI’s leading counselor, Dr. Rubén Roa Dueñas, explained that CEMDI, through its free and bilingual website, generates and distributes information and timely economic analysis for the metropolitan area of ​​Tijuana-Tecate-Playas de Rosarito and the municipality of Ensenada.

The information is very useful to know with precise data, different fundamental aspects of the panorama that is lived in the region, with the purpose of diminishing the barriers in the exchange of economic information and to raise the culture of the use of the same for the taking of decisions based on accurate, tangible information and from a reliable source.

He affirmed that the statistical information available in the CEMDI is compiled from official information sources by specialized analysts, through quarterly surveys on topics of Consumer Confidence, Perception of Public Safety, Citizen Confidence and Satisfaction of the Conditions of the City.

Currently in the economic data of the Center in accordance with the publications of INEGI, allows to assume that the gradual recovery of the strength of the economy of the region, since the unemployment rate of the The city of Tijuana decreased to close the year 2017 by 2%.

“It is a rate not seen for more than 10 years, which has several implications, one is that there will be a greater expectation of economic growth for Baja California according to the Quarterly Index of State Economic Activity and two, that the reason for this decline in unemployment is located in the construction sector that has had an expansion in employment by more than 30% compared to the same quarter of 2016, “he said.

He mentioned that given the above, it is also the micro and medium size establishments such as  dentists in Tijuana have multiplied at a rate higher than 10% compared to the last quarter of the previous year, so the entity leaves the group of states with the highest unemployment rate at Nacional level.

¨Despite the latest records of a relatively high inflation, as well as intermittent periods of uncertainty in international trade and other factors, it can be said that there are reasons to point out that the economy of the city of Tijuana recovers and shows signs solidity, and that there will be an attractiveness to invest in it¨, concluded the leader of CEMDI.

Easy Ways To Earn Money Fast

Do you need to learn how to make money fast? Are you wondering what alternatives are there to earn a little extra money easily?

Even if you find it hard to believe, there are a lot of options to do it, and in this guide we set ourselves the task of gathering 15 ways to make quick money that can help you, and that adjust differently to your disposition.

From selling those objects that you no longer use to making money online, these methods may or may not be reliable in the long term, but when you need to make money quickly, in a matter of a few hours or days, they are undoubtedly the best option .

How to earn fast money today:

Although many people think that no, making money fast is a possibility, and the offer of options to achieve it is immense.

While our parents and grandparents could make money quickly by mowing grass or handing out newspapers, today we have a powerful tool that allows us to learn how to become millionaires in a much easier way: Internet

Thanks to the Internet, and its multiple platforms that are responsible for matching employers and employees, today it is much easier to get a job, earn extra money in your free time and achieve your financial goals in a much easier way.

Practical advice when making money fast and legally:

Always remember:

-Give a fair value to what you sell, in addition to a competitive price.

-Do not risk objects that you can not later recover in pawnshops.

-If you are going to donate blood or plasma, do it in qualified blood banks, do not risk your integrity for money.

-If you want to make money online, avoid giving too much personal information, bank account information and credit card information. Avoid the scam.

-You must be qualified for the temporary jobs that you aspire to, not estafes.

-If you want to be a street artist, you are aware that laws prohibit public acts in certain areas.

-Never become indebted if you know you will not have a 100% sure way to pay your lender. Learn how to get out of debt.

-Always when you go to offer some service remember to have an impeccable smile with Dental 6ta & E

Try alternative methods

If you have a great need for money, you can always apply for loans to family or friends. Let them know why you need to borrow money, and offer to return it within a certain period.

Be very careful with usurers or other extortionists. Find people who can lend you money because they want to help you, not because they want to make a profit.

Neuromarketing as an instrument to support Emotional Marketing

Neuromarketing is the study of how the brain works in purchasing decisions for a product, in other words, how people choose. It is a relatively new field of Marketing that investigates the brain’s response to advertising, branding and other types of cultural messages. Try to find the purchase button that, it seems, we all have in the brain, investigating which areas of the brain are involved in the behavior of each client.

The 85 percent of the decision making comes from the subconscious. 95 percent of purchasing decisions are subconscious. These figures support the idea that what moves a human being is emotion and not reason.

The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. The heart decides, and the brain justifies, the pneumology states that the essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action, while reason leads to conclusions. We must generate sensations that provoke emotions, that provoke feelings, that provoke thoughts and actions.

Emotions are a kind of automatic physiological body revolution, fast and basically unconscious, because the person excited, just notice the release of adrenaline or other behaviors more or less reflexes, that the brain generates before stimulating situations.

The feelings are the conscious way that the brain has to perceive and process, the different physiological reactions that occur inside the emotional person.

While traditionally Marketing specialists have been dedicated to measuring the results of the actions developed, in terms of sales, perception, brands, preferably, with the start and end of the process of consumption of products or services, has been neglecting the fundamental part: what happens in the mind of the consumer: the sequence between sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions. Mexico Dental Network applies this type of modern technologies to give you a more personalized service

The tests, unfortunately, often, are done without any scientific rigor. They compare the effects produced by different stimuli that are not comparable, because they are not shown in the same conditions. For example, they show logos of “naked” brands, and other brand logos accompanied by other images or stimuli, such as a watch, the packaging of a food, a car, a computer, a pet that appears in the advertisements Of the brand.

Business intelligence: the new magic wand of marketing

Business intelligence not only offers a competitive advantage to companies, but its widespread adoption will put at risk those that do not implement BI as part of their strategy.

The data is a strategic asset for companies that, for years, exploit the information generated and transform it into valuable knowledge to improve decision-making processes. Thus, data of different nature are extracted, processed and stored in each department. In order to unify and take advantage of the potential of the information available within the organization, business intelligence (BI) offers multiple applications in each area of the company.

In recent years, the way to take advantage of data and transform it into useful information has improved dramatically. The evolution of business intelligence systems allows an advanced analysis of big data that facilitates the detection of failures and inefficiencies and the anticipation of market changes. In this sense, business intelligence not only offers a competitive advantage to companies, but its widespread adoption will put at risk those that do not implement BI as part of their strategy.

BI for marketing: applications and benefits

The use of business intelligence in marketing departments provides more complete, accurate and useful information about the clients (preferences, needs, purchasing habits, etc.) and their perception of the products or services (own and of the competition) to optimize campaigns and strategy. The BI transforms the data into information and information into knowledge to facilitate the understanding of the client and the detection of new opportunities.

Due to the high number of applications used in marketing (emailing, social networks, CRM, web analytics, etc.), one of the fundamental aspects of a good business intelligence system is its ability to integrate with other tools and unify all the information in a single platform. In this way it is possible to improve audience segmentation and design highly personalized content. With this, business intelligence allows to identify more accurately customer profiles to better study their behavior, adapt messages and actions, achieve greater loyalty and improve the return on investment.

Track campaigns in real time

Business intelligence converts marketing campaign data into useful information that can be visualized through interactive panels. This allows to quickly access all the results and analyze live the development of the actions. It provides a global vision that facilitates the adaptation of the different elements of the campaigns (texts, images, conditions, target audience, etc.) to optimize the marketing strategy and guide future activities. Therefore, this applies to campaigns of all kinds: it allows you to follow minute by minute the results of a mass email, a raffle on social networks, an ad on a web page, etc.

Greater control of ROI

By improving the monitoring of campaigns it is easier to detect which actions work and which do not and compare the results, which is essential to optimize the investment. Thus, it is possible to adjust your budgets and allocate more resources to what really offers a return. In addition, business intelligence provides reports with a level of depth that not only allows you to compare your revenues against actual costs, but also ROI according to customer segments, geographical areas, channels, etc. All this helps to make decisions instantly to obtain a better performance of the resources of the company.

Complete analysis of the market and the company

Through the BI systems updated data is sought on the evolution of the sector, the market share, the volume of products, the sales and the opinions of your company over time or in a specific period, this is what a helped a lot to the dentists in Tijuana incorporates this information to the reports and crosses it with other internal data to obtain a complete analysis with improved visibility of all aspects and help take the necessary corrective actions. This is the way to increase market share, track the opinion of customers in real time and discover new growth opportunities.

6 Pasos Para Iniciar Tu Registro De Marca

El registro de la marca en Tijuana México otorga al titular el derecho de uso exclusivo de la marca con respecto a los productos o servicios que abarca. Posiblemente, el motivo más importante para el registro de una marca son los poderosos remedios contra el uso no autorizado. El registro de una marca permite al propietario demandar por infracción y obtener recursos muy poderosos, tales como interdicto, entrega de artículos infractores y daños y perjuicios. Al mismo tiempo, las disposiciones sobre infracción de marca no excluyen a una persona.

1. Propiedad intangible
Una razón muy importante para el registro es crear la marca como una propiedad intangible identificable en el sentido legal. El registro de marcas comerciales es un almacén de valores o un receptáculo del valor asociado a la reputación o buena voluntad del producto.

2. Licencias
Una marca registrada puede ser autorizada. Una licencia de marca puede registrarse en el registro de marca, otorgando al licenciatario derechos para iniciar acciones legales en caso de infracción.

3. Disuasivo
El registro de marcas disuade a otros comerciantes de usar marcas similares o idénticas a las suyas en relación con bienes y servicios como el suyo. Al usar el símbolo ®, usted envía a otros un aviso de sus derechos. Además, se puede encontrar una marca registrada cuando otros buscan en el registro oficial antes de elegir comenzar a usar un nombre en particular.

4. Uso en procedimientos
El registro de una marca es una evidencia prima facie de la validez del registro y los derechos transmitidos por el registro. En los procedimientos judiciales relativos a una marca registrada, el hecho de que una persona esté registrada como propietaria de la marca es prueba de la validez del registro original de la marca, a menos que se demuestre lo contrario.

5. El derecho a usar el símbolo ® o “R” o la palabra registrada
Una vez que las marcas registradas están registradas, el símbolo ® o “R” o la palabra “Registrado” pueden usarse para los productos y servicios enumerados en el registro.

6. Territorios extranjeros
Una marca registrada se puede utilizar como base para obtener el registro en algunos países extranjeros, lo que facilita la protección de la marca en todo el mundo a medida que el negocio se expande.

Liposuctions in Tijuana, Mexico.

Suction lipolysis is better known as suction lipectomy, lipoplasty, liposculpture or, quite simply liposuction is a medical self improvement procedure that removes fat from very narrowly targeted areas in the human body which allows for a safe and quick for weight loss and self-improvement.

Tijuana is a city in the US-Mexico border widely known for being a party spot. It’s a short drive from the San Diego airport (a quarter of an hour or less). A lesser-known fact about Tijuana is that is packed with healthcare professionals and institutions that rival the quality, safety, and reliability of those just across the border but with a very important advantage: they are way cheaper. This way the renown of your physician, the experience of the staff that looks after you, the price of medical drugs, and the state-of-the-art equipment you need for your care come at just a fraction of the cost.

The Mexican medical tourism industry is not as well known as India’s but it has, nevertheless, been trading for many years. Tijuana is one of the best spots for medical tourists because it’s right in the border, and besides all the top medical facilities, it has the nightlife, the Mexican hospitality, the beautiful beaches, fine restaurants and luxurious hotels to make your time outside the hospital a pleasant one.

All this information becomes more relevant if the procedure you need or want is, precisely, a self-improving surgery like a liposuction because since many insurance companies in the world consider this to be an optative procedure they can often refuse to cover its costs. But if you chose to have your liposuction in Tijuana Mexico in general and in  particular, you will find that the costs are so accessible that you might as well be able to pay for it yourself and still get high-quality healthcare services.

According to a study carried out in 2009 by UCLA close to a million Californians alone travel to Mexico every year in order to find health care that’s both affordable and high-quality. So if you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t hesitate to find some information that can inform your decision to take that plane to San Diego so you can get the services you want for a fraction of the cost in Tijuana, Mexico.


Importación desde países no pertenecientes a la Unión Europea

Al importar productos de países que no pertenecen a la Unión Europea, deberá:
descubra el código de mercancía para clasificar sus productos para impuestos y regulaciones
regístrese para obtener un número de EORI si no tiene uno; generalmente tarda 3 días hábiles
declare sus importaciones a la aduana – la mayoría de las empresas usan un servicio de mensajería o de carga para hacer esto por ellos
pagar el IVA y el deber
También puede necesitar una licencia de importación para bienes restringidos como armas de fuego.
Importar declaraciones a la aduana
La mayoría de las empresas utilizan un servicio de mensajería o de carga para hacer declaraciones de aduanas para ellos.
Es posible hacer sus propias declaraciones de aduanas, pero el proceso es más complicado y solo adecuado para importadores con más experiencia.
Si sus productos pasan por otro país de la Unión Europea antes de llegar al Reino Unido, su proveedor o la empresa responsable del transporte debe hacer una Declaración resumida de entrada en el país. Verifique que esto se haga porque la empresa receptora puede ser responsable de ello.
Pagar aranceles sobre las importaciones procedentes de países no pertenecientes a la Unión Europea
Normalmente, debe pagar aranceles sobre bienes importados de países que no pertenecen a la Unión Europea cuando ingresan por primera vez en la Unión Europea.
La cantidad de trabajo que paga depende de cómo se clasifiquen los bienes según la Tarifa comercial del Reino Unido y cómo se usarán.
Es posible que pueda solicitar aranceles reducidos o de tasa cero para bienes de ciertos países, siempre que pueda probar su origen. Esto se conoce como ‘preferencia’.
Sus mercancías no serán lanzadas por la aduana hasta que haya pagado todas las tasas e IVA del Reino Unido.
Es posible que pueda reclamar los aranceles y el IVA o retrasar los pagos de algunas importaciones desde fuera de Estados Unidos, por ejemplo, si está importando bienes temporalmente con la intención de trasladarlos a otro país de la Unión Europea.
Almacenamiento aduanero
Es posible importar bienes de países no pertenecientes a la Unión Europea sin pagar aranceles o IVA, siempre que permanezcan en un depósito aduanero. Estos almacenes son lugares donde el deber está suspendido.

Por ejemplo, puede importar bienes de EE. UU., Almacenarlos en un depósito de aduanas en el Reino Unido y trasladarlos a un depósito de aduanas en España sin pagar aranceles.
El derecho de importaciones Tijuana y el IVA solo se pagarán cuando los bienes se despachen a libre práctica.
Pagar el IVA sobre las importaciones procedentes de países no pertenecientes a la Unión Europea
Tendrá que pagar el IVA directamente a HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) a precios del Reino Unido sobre los bienes importados de fuera de la Unión Europea cuando ingresen por primera vez a la Unión Europea.
Para calcular el valor de los bienes que ha importado para saber cuánto IVA debe pagar, incluya:
los costos de importación de los bienes, tales como comisión, embalaje, transporte y seguro
cualquier derecho o gravamen pagadero en la importación en el Reino Unido
Lea más sobre el valor de los bienes importados de fuera de la Unión Europea.
Si los bienes son para que pueda hacer suministros gravables o utilizar en su negocio, puede reclamar el IVA pagado en su declaración de IVA. Necesitará el certificado de impuesto a la importación (formulario C79) para probar que pagó el IVA de importación. HMRC le enviará este formulario.
Puede importar obras de arte, antigüedades y objetos de colección desde fuera de la Unión Europea a un tipo reducido de IVA.

3 Signs You Have a Bad Immigration Lawyer

If you are searching for an immigration lawyer the chances are pretty high that you are feeling vulnerable and approaching the unknown with much trepidation. Immigration legal matters often encompass a number of underlying issues that can throw major obstacles in front of your path to a happy life. Then consider the fact that English isn’t your primary language, and matters get even more complex thus requiring you to find a skilled immigration attorney who can help you fight your case. The thought of being separated from your family for a lengthy period of time or the idea of things falling apart with your sponsor are real threats that tempt people to look for quick-fix solutions and, as a result, they wind up hiring a terrible immigration lawyer. Here are three signs that point to such a fiasco.

You Get a Quote Before Your Lawyer can Even Look at Your Case

Immigration lawyers get calls all the time from people shopping around for quotes. When you call and ask how much for help with an eb5 visa, you are really doing yourself a disfavor by treating your potential attorney like a butcher’s attendant answering questions about the price-per-pound on slices prime rib. If the lawyer sinks so low as to give you a quote over the phone it is highly likely the quote is inaccurate AND he is desperate for work (a red flag that he lacks real skill). If you already agreed to work with an immigration lawyer after just having one phone call, cancel your agreement and run.

You Meet a Paralegal on Your Initial Consultation

On the initial consultation an immigration lawyer will assess your situation, learn all the facts about your case, brainstorm a strategy designed to help you achieve your goals, and set expectations. Not only is it a total sign of disrespect to have someone take an initial consultation who isn’t a licensed attorney, but the chances of facts pertinent to your case getting misconstrued and lost is very high. You also don’t want to fill out a questionnaire on your initial consultation. Your lawyer should be the one to meet with you and give you the attention you deserve, and that you are paying for.

Your Immigration Lawyer Promises Your Case will Get Approved

One of the first questions you will likely ask your newly hired immigration lawyer is this: will my case get approved. All immigration lawyers get this questions. However, not all guaranteed results–only the bad ones do. Bad lawyers will give in to the emotional desperation and toll displayed by their clients to placate them and avoid the harder communication topics that every attorney needs to have, but few have the ability to offer. If your immigration lawyer promises the moon, know that his ability to work your case it probably already up there in orbit.

Do Research

Your ability to distinguish between bad attorneys and good immigration lawyers extends beyond these three tips; do some research and really delve into your potential lawyer’s background. Look for licensing proof from the state bar, talk to past clients, and see what others in the field have to say about him. Immigration law revolves around lives (in this case yours) so look for an expert who saves lives rather than sees them deported through negligence.

Low Cost Baja Dentists

For individuals who can’t afford high cost dental treatment, you will find a selection of avenues open for these people in BajaDent that is New. Different dental plans and community services are actually in operation so that the very poor aren’t deprived of treatment that is needed.

Take for example the Baja College of Dentistry. The college provides almost 230,000 visits yearly to the most multiethnic, multicultural and seriously poor patient population in Mexico. They include a sizable amounts of Medicaid recipients that account for around 10,000 patient visits yearly. A number of other individuals are actually treated totally free of charge since they’re not able to pay for care, uninsured, or perhaps ineligible for Medicaid. The College offers greater than thirty dolars million yearly in care that is free.

You’ll find a couple of 1000 network dentists participating in various dental plans in Baja California that is New. Additionally, there are clinics which offer affordable treatment to those that can’t afford treatment that is costly.

Additionally, you will find a selection of tooth plans that provide poor patients a chance to get treatment at a low cost. Several of them are actually Aetna Dental Access, GE Wellness Plan, Patriot Plan, and UNI CARE 200.

Several of these plans aren’t dentistry insurance policies and they don’t pay straight to the providers of tooth services. The plan member is required to spend the dentist for those dental care products that he or maybe she gets. But the member is going to receive a pre negotiated discount from the dentists listed as providers of the network, in accordance with the specific pre negotiated affordable fee schedule.

Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Wondering why you’re failing at business? then don’t worry anymore, here are some of the reasons

1) Starting the business with the wrong objectives

You should never start a business for the sole reason of making a lot of cash quickly. There is also a misconception that if you start your own business, you will get more time to spend with your family and that you will always answer to yourself. But this might not be the case. You should start a business because you’ve got a deep passion for what you want to do and firmly believe that your products and services will respond to the needs of the consumers. You should have a firm understanding of why your product is unique and why people will buy from you and not from your competitors.

2) Lack of proper planning

Success in business can be achieved by careful, systematic and strategic planning as well as hard work and determination. According to Roberto Robles, the CEO at KatRank, most small businesses fail due to a lack of proper business planning. A good business plan needs to be realistic and accurate. It should contain all aspects of the business such as the unique selling proposition, competition, workforce needs, potential challenges and solutions, financial details and so on. You should prepare detailed and realistic estimates of revenues and costs for three years. Determine if it will all be worth the effort several years down the road before you invest your time and money and your friends and family’s money.

3) Poor Management

Many studies indicate that poor management is the primary cause of business failures. Most businesses often lack the proper expertise in vital areas such as marketing and sales, finance, human resources, procurement, production, etc. You need to put the right management team in place; a team that can study, plan, organize and control all aspects of business operations. Recruitment can be an onerous, expensive and time-consuming task. If you have open or weak areas in your management team, consider the use of contractors/consultants to strengthen weak areas or fill vacancies. There are many benefits to using consultants both financial and effectiveness related.

4) Insufficient Capital

Most business owners tend to underestimate the amount of money required to run a business and end up operating with insufficient funds. Others may also expect unrealistic profits from the sales. Remember, the customer determines the price, not you. Therefore, it is essential to establish the actual amount of funds you will require to start and run your business. In the case of very early stage pre-revenue companies, it is essential that the management team maintain their focus on the first release of a saleable first version of the product. You need revenue to survive.

The above reasons could be why you’re failing at business and you need to be keen to improve!

Franquicias: Exclusividad y Seguridad

Cuando compras una franquicia que por lo general también estás comprando un territorio exclusivo, o incluso una tierra protegida, donde hacer negocios. Los franquiciadores sólo permiten un cierto número de franquicias para ser abierto dentro de una determinada región geográfica.

Normalmente estará calificado para un área en particular y ninguna otra franquicia (dentro de su programa de franquicia) puede estar abierta dentro de esa región. Como comenta una experta en desarrollo de franquicias en MiFranquicia.mx (http://www.mifranquicia.mx), “ser parte de un programa de franquicia puede proporcionarle más oportunidades para desarrollarse dentro del sistema”.

Después de convertirse en un próspero operador de franquicia de una sola unidad, puede tener la oportunidad de convertirse en un propietario de una franquicia de varias unidades.