What are Sound Design & ADR Services, How do They Bring Movies to Life?

What are Sound Design & ADR Services, How do They Bring Movies to Life?

Think about your favorite movie. Chances are, sound design was a big part of one of it’s most iconic scenes that made that film what it was. Perfect example: Psycho. When Alfred Hitchcock has test audiences watch Psycho for the first time, the film was met with poor reviews. But after having a sound design experts add the music to the shower scene and make some other adjustments, audiences applauded were terrified and applauded the film. This is why post production coordinators look for the best sound design and ADR services in Los Angeles; they understand that solid ADR and sound design can make or break a film.

What is Sound Design?

Sound design is the art and science of creating soundtracks for a variety of projects. It involves using audio production techniques to create auditory elements. Sound design also involves sourcing the right music to use in films. But sound design isn’t just limited to movies; It is employed in a variety of disciplines including television production, video game development, advertising, theatre, live performances, radio, and other disciplines. Sound design can also involve the performing and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, such as dialogue or sound effects.

What is ADR in Filmmaking?

ADR stands for automated dialog replacement and is the process of re-recording dialogue by original actors after the filming is concluded to improve the quality of the audio. This is also known as looping and is a common service post production supervisors seek in to finalize recorded projects.

Looping takes place when actors are recorded while speaking in synch to “loop” an image played time and time again to match lengths of recorded tape. ADR is a time-consuming, detailed task that takes seasoned professionals to execute without flaw. It is also work for the actor who must watch the image over and over while listening to the original production using headphones. Then the actor re-performs the dialogue to match the wording and movements of the lips. The biggest challenge is to achieve sync while projecting the recaptured emotional tone for each scene. This is a skill that actors often struggle to nail down, and some are better at it than others.

ADR Studios are a Must for Big Budget Films

All big budget films require the best ADR studios in Los Angeles to help complete the movie at the highest level. This is because it is impossible to get a clean sounch in perfect sync with the actor’s lips due to the fact that several hundred people are working around the set. Also, independent films value greatly form ADR services because, often, they have no control over shooting locations where unwanted background noises can plague a film’s production.

The best ADR studios in LA also offer sound design, animated dialogue recording, mixing and a number of other services paramount to making movies and tv episodes look and sound their best. Without these services today’s movies would sound like they were made in the 30s and their look would mimic those horrible Bruce Lee English dubbed jobs that were so poorly out of synch that it became (and still is) a long-running joke in popular culture.