The business of love

The business of love

The key to the success of this industry is that it has been able to capitalize in a tangible way the problem of busy schedules and lifestyles of modern man. If the old scene required you to meet in person all those who called your attention, now you can select, talk and coordinate appointments while you drink your morning coffee or while you are waiting for your dentist in Tijuana. Without losing much time, without pretending boring conversations to entertain the meetings.

What they do have this type of platforms in a very clear niche: the affective and sexual needs of users, who use as the engine of a multimillion dollar business that last year alone in the United States billed approximately four billion dollars. Dating pages and linking apps are offered as intermediaries to bring together two people who seek to meet new people and expand their chances of finding an emotional partner.

The role of online marketing in this millionaire business has been key to its expansion. That belief that those who resorted to the web to find a partner were the desperate is a matter of the past, because nowadays there are more and more men and women who join the application on duty or register on contact websites with In order to make appointments and meet people compatible with them.

This has been just his greatest success. To achieve positioning dating pages as something cool, modern, fresh, instead of continuing to associate it with the profile of a lonely person with social problems. And this has allowed its expansion as it would not have been possible before. Applications such as Tinder or Badoo are frequent topics in movies and television series, where they are presented as one more element of the 21st century forms of interaction.

With this new, current and booming revolution, it is clear that those who find girls in Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Beijing can find them with just a couple of clicks and in freemium mode: if you like the platform and it gives you results, you can pay a certain price to use all the tools it offers; otherwise, you can use the free version as a test measure.

The truth is that the role of marketing has been decisive in the success of this industry and continues to contribute to its expansion, since it has been able to detect the needs of users and capitalize them by mixing classic strategies with the rules of online business. In the United States alone, the most recent statistics show that at least 49 million people have tried online dating once in their lives, spending an average of 243 dollars a year for related services.