CDT provides strategic information to attract investments to Tijuana

CDT provides strategic information to attract investments to Tijuana

The Development Council of Tijuana (CDT), through the Metropolitan Center for Economic and Business Information (CEMDI), presented the results of the Citizen Economic Perception Survey, which highlights the improvement of the perspective of the situation in the home , according to 69% of the Tijuana residents for the year 2018, as well as the improvement in the outlook regarding the economic situation of the city according to 58% of those consulted

During the weekly press conference of the CDT, chaired by Mr. Gabriel Camarena Salinas, CEMDI’s leading counselor, Dr. Rubén Roa Dueñas, explained that CEMDI, through its free and bilingual website, generates and distributes information and timely economic analysis for the metropolitan area of ​​Tijuana-Tecate-Playas de Rosarito and the municipality of Ensenada.

The information is very useful to know with precise data, different fundamental aspects of the panorama that is lived in the region, with the purpose of diminishing the barriers in the exchange of economic information and to raise the culture of the use of the same for the taking of decisions based on accurate, tangible information and from a reliable source.

He affirmed that the statistical information available in the CEMDI is compiled from official information sources by specialized analysts, through quarterly surveys on topics of Consumer Confidence, Perception of Public Safety, Citizen Confidence and Satisfaction of the Conditions of the City.

Currently in the economic data of the Center in accordance with the publications of INEGI, allows to assume that the gradual recovery of the strength of the economy of the region, since the unemployment rate of the The city of Tijuana decreased to close the year 2017 by 2%.

“It is a rate not seen for more than 10 years, which has several implications, one is that there will be a greater expectation of economic growth for Baja California according to the Quarterly Index of State Economic Activity and two, that the reason for this decline in unemployment is located in the construction sector that has had an expansion in employment by more than 30% compared to the same quarter of 2016, “he said.

He mentioned that given the above, it is also the micro and medium size establishments such as  dentists in Tijuana have multiplied at a rate higher than 10% compared to the last quarter of the previous year, so the entity leaves the group of states with the highest unemployment rate at Nacional level.

¨Despite the latest records of a relatively high inflation, as well as intermittent periods of uncertainty in international trade and other factors, it can be said that there are reasons to point out that the economy of the city of Tijuana recovers and shows signs solidity, and that there will be an attractiveness to invest in it¨, concluded the leader of CEMDI.