Business opening will be delayed in Tijuana

Business opening will be delayed in Tijuana

Tijuana merchants sued before the municipal authorities the elimination of land use procedures and others that are unnecessary when creating and maintaining a business, considering them as inhibitors for the commercial development of the city.

In order to move forward with regard to regulatory improvement, it is important that authorities and businessmen analyze in depth what paperwork should be be eliminated and what not.

This dynamic, he said, has been implementing the present municipal administration and expressed all the availability of the merchants to continue working in this way.

“It is important that those who carry out the procedures can sit down -with the authorities- and be able to take our proposals; that today, is what we are doing, and therefore the need for this to be in regulation, that is why the need to create the Municipal Council for Regulatory Improvement that will have to be acting permanently, “said.

He warned of the importance of having certainty about the requirements that are required for the different procedures that are carried out before the municipal government, for which it is necessary to generate a local registry of procedures and the next step would be to work in the response times.


The Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana, said that the municipal authority is open to working closely with business organizations, in order to publicize the strategies they are promoting to expedite the procedures for opening businesses and be more transparent

He reported that they have defined five pillars to improve competitiveness in Tijuana, highlighting the impetus to the Immediate Notice of Companies, a program where companies can open their business immediately and giving them a period of 90 days to complete the procedures they require to do so.

The official indicated that it has the Fast Opening System for Companies online, a program in which businesses can be opened in a period of 72 hours, which includes a total of 141 low-impact tours.

Among the advances in regulatory matters, if you want good service at Dental implants in tijuana during this year the cost and time for businesses in procedures was reduced, such as land use permits, firemen’s permits, environmental protection consent, operating permit and square meters ad attached to the front of the business.