3 Signs You Have a Bad Immigration Lawyer

3 Signs You Have a Bad Immigration Lawyer

If you are searching for an immigration lawyer the chances are pretty high that you are feeling vulnerable and approaching the unknown with much trepidation. Immigration legal matters often encompass a number of underlying issues that can throw major obstacles in front of your path to a happy life. Then consider the fact that English isn’t your primary language, and matters get even more complex thus requiring you to find a skilled immigration attorney who can help you fight your case. The thought of being separated from your family for a lengthy period of time or the idea of things falling apart with your sponsor are real threats that tempt people to look for quick-fix solutions and, as a result, they wind up hiring a terrible immigration lawyer. Here are three signs that point to such a fiasco.

You Get a Quote Before Your Lawyer can Even Look at Your Case

Immigration lawyers get calls all the time from people shopping around for quotes. When you call and ask how much for help with an eb5 visa, you are really doing yourself a disfavor by treating your potential attorney like a butcher’s attendant answering questions about the price-per-pound on slices prime rib. If the lawyer sinks so low as to give you a quote over the phone it is highly likely the quote is inaccurate AND he is desperate for work (a red flag that he lacks real skill). If you already agreed to work with an immigration lawyer after just having one phone call, cancel your agreement and run.

You Meet a Paralegal on Your Initial Consultation

On the initial consultation an immigration lawyer will assess your situation, learn all the facts about your case, brainstorm a strategy designed to help you achieve your goals, and set expectations. Not only is it a total sign of disrespect to have someone take an initial consultation who isn’t a licensed attorney, but the chances of facts pertinent to your case getting misconstrued and lost is very high. You also don’t want to fill out a questionnaire on your initial consultation. Your lawyer should be the one to meet with you and give you the attention you deserve, and that you are paying for.

Your Immigration Lawyer Promises Your Case will Get Approved

One of the first questions you will likely ask your newly hired immigration lawyer is this: will my case get approved. All immigration lawyers get this questions. However, not all guaranteed results–only the bad ones do. Bad lawyers will give in to the emotional desperation and toll displayed by their clients to placate them and avoid the harder communication topics that every attorney needs to have, but few have the ability to offer. If your immigration lawyer promises the moon, know that his ability to work your case it probably already up there in orbit.

Do Research

Your ability to distinguish between bad attorneys and good immigration lawyers extends beyond these three tips; do some research and really delve into your potential lawyer’s background. Look for licensing proof from the state bar, talk to past clients, and see what others in the field have to say about him. Immigration law revolves around lives (in this case yours) so look for an expert who saves lives rather than sees them deported through negligence.